Monday, November 8, 2010

MY Age: The Age of Exploration, 15th Century to Early 17th Century

Well, I’ve talked quite a bit about my life and my accomplishments, I think it’s time to talk about the time period that I lived in, The Age of Exploration. My country of Portugal took the lead in the European age of expansion when it began to explore the coast of Africa under the sponsorship of my man, Prince Henry the Navigator. His drive was a blend of seeking a Christian kingdom as an ally against the Muslims, acquiring trade opportunities for my country, and spreading Christianity to different parts of the world. Through regular expeditions, the Portuguese slowly crept down the African coast and discovered a new source of gold along the southern coast of the hump of West Africa, which we call the Gold Coast. Later on my people leased land from local rulers and built stone forts along the coast. The noble Portuguese men later found themselves in India. Hearing reports to India around the southern tip of Africa, the Portuguese sea captains continued poking around the area. Vasco da Gama arrived in Calicut and didn’t find any Christians there, but he sure did find spices. After that we returned annually and sought to destroy Arabic shipping and become a part of the spice trade. Later on we launched expeditions farther east to China and the Spice Islands, but we lacked the power, the population, and the desire to colonize Asian regions. We Portuguese were pretty darn successful, huh?! Our success was basically a matter of guns and seamanship.  Our effective use of naval technology and our tactics gave us superiority over our lightly armed rivals.
 The Age of Exploration was AWESOME :))

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  1. Oh, you must be Portuguese. Hello, I'm Spanish, and I think we had a lot more contributions to the Age of Exploration, which is also MY age, than the Portuguese did. I mean, think about it, Spain's colonies are so much more prosperous than Portuguese colonies.