Monday, November 8, 2010

The Portuguese Conquest of Malacca! 1510

Just to give you guys some background information to my amazing conquest of Malacca, in 1509 a Portuguese armada defeated a combined fleet of Turkish and Indian ships off the coast of India and began to impose a blockade on the entrance to the Red Sea to cut off the flow of spices to Muslim rulers in Egypt and the Ottoman Empire. The following year, I set up port facilities at Goa, on the western coast of India. After that, Goa became the headquarters for Portuguese operations throughout the entire region. Although Indian merchants were permitted to continue their trading activities, we conducted raids against Arab shippers. In search of spices, we now began to range more widely in search of the source of the spice trade. In 1511, I sailed to the harbor of Malacca on the Malay peninsula. Malacca had been transformed by its Muslim rulers into a thriving port and a major stopping point for the spice trade. I NEEDED control of Malacca, as I explained in my intro. After a short but bloody battle, we seized the city and massacred the local Arab population. The slaughter initiated an intense and fierce struggle between us superior and amazing Portuguese against those weak Arabs. From Malacca, we launched expeditions farther east. The new trading empire was now complete! Within a short amount of time, we noble Portuguese managed to seize control of the spice trade from the Muslim traders and garnered substantial profits for the Portuguese monarchy. We, are, amazing :).
 Most amazing day ever :)


  1. Good job with the conquest of Malacca! Honestly, it's so amazing that you were able to quickly conquer the state so quickly. Furthermore, you also successfully seize control over the Arabs -- definitely something to be proud of. And, the most important accomplishment: establishing the new trading empire and providing Portugal not only with profits but also with glory. I certainly agree -- AMAZING!

    Bartholomeu Dias

  2. You have done a whole lot, my friend. You love your country very much and I admire you for that. I bet it wasn't easy, but with your kind of determination and courage you were able to take the spice trade right out of those Muslims hands. It is men like you who will bring power to their country. Keep it up!
    -Samuel de Champlain

  3. You bring an unholy stench to a place where it was once clean. Your murders and brutal killings have washed Malacca in red with blood. Blood that was once of the happy people who had lived there. You did not NEED control of Malacca, your evil heart just wanted more power and glory. You corrupt the minds of those you are around by making them see your achievements as “great and praiseworthy.” I pray that you will one day die and face the unhappy God who has made these people just like you and me. You will one day experience the horrors which you have put this city through. Enough with the shameful deeds, your kind of men will soon suffer like those who you have mistreated. Maybe then your superior and elevated view of yourself will disappear.